NonLinear Dynamics Group


The NonLinear Dynamics Group is a multidisciplinary research unit in the areas of mathematical physics, dynamical systems, celestial mechanics and mathematical biology. We are involved in research projects in the areas of mathematical biology, dynamical systems, control theory and modeling and simulation of complex life phenomena (systems biology, bioinformatics and computational biology). Our research work involves the development and analyses of mathematical models and the associated numerical simulations. We have special interests in the calibration and validation of models of natural phenomena, where we use mono-objective and multi-objective optimization techniques. We have a basic research activity on dynamical system and mathematical physics.

University of Lisbon, IST, Non Linear Dynamics Group, Department of Physics

Av. Rovisco Pais, 1049-001 Lisbon, Portugal

URL:   Phone: +(351)-218417617; +(351)-218417618. 

Group members:

Rui Dilão CV

Ana Noronha

João Fonseca

Master students: Martim Pardal, Bárbara Mota, Beatriz Albergaria, Nuno Teixeira.

Past collaborators:

Post-docs: Rui Alves Pires, Andras Volford, Elman Shahverdiev, Abdelkader Lakmeche, Daniele Muraro.

PhD students: Rui Alves Pires, Joaquim Sainhas, Tiago Domingos, Filipa Alves.

Master students: Miguel Lobo, Ricardo Schiappa, João Correia, Tiago Domingos, Ruy Ribeiro, Pedro Ribeiro Santos, Miguel Brito, Madalena Chaves, Miguel Preto, Francisco Dionísio, Tiago Simas, Jorge Rebelo, Sofia Sousa, Nuno Loureiro, João Graciano, Tiago Paixão, Pedro Torres, Miguel Carvalho, José Brás, Bruno Ferreira, Luís Carlos Pereira, João Fonseca, João Mateus, Sofia Almeida, Vasco Pesquita, Gaspar Cano, Pedro Lacerda, José Almeida, André Marques, João Ferreira, Manuel Murteira, Mariana Fernandes, Miguel Ribeiro.

Past international collaborations:

GENNETEC (, EU); REACTOR and FUNCDYN (European Science Foundation); AEVO GmbH (